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  • Amazing program if you want to get back with your ex successfully using the high tech communication route (text message, email, or instant messaging) for whatever reason – maybe you’re shy, afraid, uncertain, or opting for the “easier and lazy” route (hey, it’s ok. We don’t judge).
  • Works for both men and women who want to get their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, respectively, back.
  • The program author is a living legend in the field of dating and relationship advice.
  • Puts an emotional, persuasive, and romantic power behind text messaging – a communications medium normally perceived as an “impersonal” and “mechanical” approach.
  • Offers an unconventional approach to using modern communication technology appropriately in order to mend your relationship.
  • Gives practical, straightforward advice; providing the reader with a step-by-step process which allows you to determine the kinks and flaws of your relationship-that-was, teaches you how to get to the bottom of the real cause of the breakup, and how to address these issues into a harmonious resolution.
  • Author goes straight to the point. He does not dress up the hard facts in fancy, flowery words – he just tells it to you straight. No coddling, no sugarcoating; only hard facts and real life solutions.
  • Scientific references are cited and additional authoritative resources are listed.
  • A fun “read” (the program consists of text, videos, and audios) overall. The program is entertaining, albeit a bit harsh at times.
  • The program is presented with a good flow of thought that allows you to follow quite easily.
  • Customer service was quick to answer our inquiry. We got a response in less than 24 hours.


  • Going the text messaging route may not work all of the time, no matter how great and emotionally triggering your messages are. Social convention still considers text messaging as a “cold” and “impersonal” way to resolve relationship issues.
  • Exercises may appear tedious or unnecessary busy work.
  • Although the material offers fair advice in general, the straightforwardness of the delivery may paint the author as heartless and insensitive.
  • The realization of the harsh realities of breakups (and this program does make you realize a lot) may cause more hurt instead of heal.
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Text Your Ex Back Vital Information

Text Your Ex Back Product PackageText Your Ex Back is a relationship repair (a.k.a. “ex back”) program that shows you a step-by-step process on how you can get back together with your ex (ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-husband, or ex-wife; whichever the case may be) using the power of simple text messages, at least to start things off. The program provides specific causes and possible scenarios on why typical relationships end or don’t work out and supply actual text messages you can use to fix yours. This allows you to figure out and put into context “what-have-been” and determine “what-should-be-done” moving forward to convince your ex to get back with you.

This program is authored by Michael Fiore. As far as relationship gurus go, Michael Fiore is one of the most decorated. He is an internationally-acclaimed expert on interpersonal communication and modern day relationship advice expert. He has had several media mentions, the most famous of which is his appearance in “The Rachael Ray Show.” On top of that, Michael is an Amazon Best Selling Author for several of his other relationship products.

Moving inside the program, there are eleven modules outlining the relationship concepts, relationship repair procedures, and text messages tactics that would help you get your ex back. After the hard and fast 30-day “No Talking Rule” in Module One, Module Two allows you to get down to the bottom of why you and your ex really broke up. This forces you to be honest with yourself, helps calm you, and puts your broken (but not over) relationship into the proper context. Whether the reason sounds bad or evil, Michael assures you that it’s alright, as long as it’s the honest answer. There are also very interesting details on why people cheat on each other, and the motivations behind these. Michael also provides instances of what people typically say during relationships and what they really mean instead.

After you have worked out the real root of the problem, Michael now asks the crucial question – now that you know the “what caused the breakup,” it’s time to unveil the “why do you want your ex back?” Whether you’ve never felt more connected to anyone else in your entire life before, or you want to save the kids and let them enjoy a complete family, or if it’s purely for convenience and financial stability; it’s ok, says Michael, as long as it’s the truth and it’s what you really feel inside. The real score lies in having to consider and understand how the relationship will be different once you get back together.

Right up to this point, Michael has been dropping hints about what he calls the “Text Judo” since the earlier modules. In Module Five, you will finally learn that “Text Judo” teaches you to use your “opponent’s” strength against him or her in order to get you the upper hand — in this case, your “opponent” is your ex. The module teaches you to build up (through strategic text messages) the interest and fascination of your ex to a level that will make them find you utterly irresistible.

Text Your Ex Back Packages and Pricing

$47, Standard Package

  • “Text Your Ex Back” Complete Package (11 modules containing text, audio, and video files).
  • “100 Ready-to-Use Texts” e-report and video file.
  • “Infidelity Buster” e-guide and audio file.
  • “Instant Forgiveness” e-report and audio file.
  • “Facebook Romance Secrets” e-report and audio file.

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Our Text Your Ex Back Review Conclusion

If you’re pinning away for that “one-that-got-away” ex, you need to snap out of it and stop being a “Text Terrorist.” The best way to approach a breakup is to approach from an objective standpoint and evaluate the relationship in the proper context. Text Your Ex Back is a reliable buddy that will take you through all the motions, providing you with the hard truths yet valuable insights to dealing with the ins and outs of a relationship drama, and initiating a solution via the power of text messaging. For its innovativeness, honesty, and entertainment value, this program deserves a 4 out of 5 stars rating.

The program really feels like a workout program or a new degree that you’re taking up in school – tedious, challenging, but very rewarding once you get through it. Even if you do not get back together with your ex, the program gives you a new and fresher perspective about relationships and communicating with your partner (future partner, perhaps) the right way. In that sense, it’s a win-win proposition.

One drawback though, is that despite the author giving his fairest assumptions on what both men and women are capable of, or what they are thinking, his distinctly male voice and conversational tone can be a bit jarring to some women readers at times. On top of that, although Michael gave so many relationship scenarios, there are some special cases that do not always fit the template and clichés of a typical relationship.

However, the whole program still stands out as an “ex back” manual – a tireless friend that keeps your head clear, objective, and open-minded while providing a straightforward wealth of information and insights that are useful to know about, even if you are in a steady relationship. Definitely, it is a good resource to have in hand during times of great emotional need.

Our Product Verdict: Buy Text Your Ex Back

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