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  • Written for the legions of women out there who want to own the key to the male psyche – to gain an easy, instant access into what really goes on inside the male mind. This program gives you a full understanding (that is, in the relationship context) about the real desires and motives which men don’t really say out loud.
  • The author offers something that most women (whether you’re in a relationship or not) seek to know – the real intentions behind a man’s words and actions in a relationship setting.
  • Information about men taken straight from men via surveys – the truth coming straight from the horse’s mouths, so to speak. No other program can claim the same.
  • True to his signature style, the author delivers his material in a no-nonsense, no-sugar added, and straight-to-the-point way that allows you to learn the principles quickly and go straight into taking action.
  • The language of the content is very conversational. You won’t get to deal with scientific theories or abstract concepts. The author only gives you practical and easy to understand advice.
  • Delivered by a well-known, well-decorated, and highly-trusted relationship expert. You can be confident of the integrity of the principles and action plans laid out in this program.
  • Overall, a very entertaining and a rather enlightening read. It’s aggressive yet patient, forceful but justified in its delivery of sheer honesty.
  • The program runs in text, audio, and video formats which accounts for whatever format suits your fancy. The lessons are also divided into bite-size chunks which make this whole program easier to digest.
  • Customer service was quick to respond to our inquiries, able to address our issues within a day.


  • This program is only suitable for women. As of this writing, the author hasn’t produced an equivalent product designed for men.
  • As with any program discussing a soft science or field such as male psychology and relationship dynamics, the principles, rules, and action plans shared in this program are generalizations applying to most men, but never all men. The sample size covered by the survey done, however, is quite substantial.
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Secret Survey Vital Information

Secret Survey Product PackageLadies, if there’s a “cure all” solution to any relationship matter and a guaranteed way to enhance your love life, it’s the ability to fully understand your guy. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to take a stroll into the winding road that is the male psyche and take a comprehensive dive into the inner workings and behavioral patterns of the male species within a relationship context.

In the Secret Survey, the author offers a no-holds-barred, raw (and we do mean raw, as in raw data is provided), and uncensored insight about the surprisingly emotional world of men. The program is created with the intention of equipping women like you with the right knowledge and tools on how to interpret men’s behaviors, understand the real intention behind their words, and react accordingly to improve and develop your relationship further. In a nutshell, Secret Survey is a guide on how women can create better relationships with their boyfriends or spouses (or improve their dating lives), simply by having a better understanding of men in general.

Michael Fiore is a world-renowned relationship guru and author. He is particularly known for spreading the word on how to have great relationships in modern times, teaching his followers the magic that comes in a well-crafted text message to get their exes back. He is an Amazon bestselling author, and has a number of popular programs and reviews under his belt. He has also appeared on a number of popular media, such as his famous guesting in “The Rachael Ray Show” and other shows on Fox and CBS, among others. With that amount of expertise and credentials, you can be assured that this program provides high quality information.

The eight lessons that comprise this program serve as the road for turning men into an open book. The lessons include “Why Men are like Dogs and You’re a Bad Owner”, “Why Men Lie”, “Why He Doesn’t Compliment Me Anymore”, “Does He Really Love Me”, “Other Women”, “Cheating”, “Reflected Glory”, and “What He Wants Sexually.” Based on the titles of the lessons you can get an idea of what topics are discussed; and wouldn’t you agree that they are interesting topics?

Highlighting certain lessons, the chapter titled “Why Men Lie” is really a paradigm shifter, and that’s not an exaggeration. Michael mentions the fact that everyone lies – men and women – but lie for different reasons. In this chapter, Michael shares 3 specific reasons why real men lie and how you can respond accordingly. As a disclaimer though, and to avoid sounding like this chapter is a justification of men’s lying behavior, Michael has put in a douchebag exception because douchebags lie for an entirely different reason – manipulation, toying, enjoyment. The reasons about men’s lying inclination that Michael has put into this section don’t apply to douchebags.

Of course, an interesting chapter deals with a question that is always on any woman’s mind – “Does He Really Love Me?” We have all heard this question being asked by women to their partners all the time (you might even be guilty of it yourself). This chapter of the program discusses how men really feel about the question, even if they responded with “I love you” to your question. The most important part of this chapter is you’ll get to discover how your man feels about having to constantly reassure you of his love and attraction to you. The truth would definitely surprise you.

The “Reflected Glory” section talks about what your appearance really means to your man. Fair warning though, this chapter might sting a bit and can be borderline mean – such is the price to pay if you want the truth. The most interesting bit in this chapter is when Michael shares exactly how the Math of Attraction works in a guy’s mind. These are certain steps that men go through on their way to making a decision (albeit subconsciously) if he is attracted to a woman or not. Michael actually presented it in a funny way, but the section nevertheless holds valuable insight.

Secret Survey Packages and Pricing

$67, Standard Package

  • “Secret Survey” complete package e-book, audio files, and video files.
  • “Secret Survey Results: Raw Data” e-report and video files.
  • “Unstoppable Confidence: Interview with Michael Griswold” audio files.
  • “The Insecurity Cure: Interview with Eric Candal” audio files.
  • “Sex Lies Exposed: with Devian Day” e-guide.
  • “How To Be A Human Lie Detector” with Joshua Pellicer e-report and audio files.
  • “Magnetically Attract Wonderful Men” with Matthew Hussey e-report and audio files.
  • “Interview With A Cheater” audio files.

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Our Secret Survey Review Conclusion

True to his form, Michael delivers yet another entertaining yet wholly educational guide in his quest to create better relationships between men and women. He has taken a bold step by giving women the ammunition that they have always coveted – revealing exactly what goes on inside the mind of men; in its most raw and unrestricted form no less. The key to a fruitful and fulfilling relationship is, and has always been, you ability to understand your partner and his ability to understand you. With this program, you’ll be able to cover your end of the bargain. And with that valuable offering, it’s hard to give this program any less than the perfect 5 out of 5 stars rating.

The main advantage of this program compared to other “secrets of the male mind” program is that Secret Survey’s data and information comes straight from the mouths of men. That is, Secret Survey is the output of a survey that Michael sent to more than 700 men. The survey consists of questions that women normally asks about men, but can’t seem to get the most honest answer. Michael was able to elicit those honest answers and presents his findings via this program. This is something no other program has ever done.

On the other hand, there are always limitations when it comes to the soft sciences and fields such as relationship dynamics. Although getting responses from 700 men (which is very substantial) can give a general truth about how men think and behave in relationships, the program will never be able to apply to all men all the time. There will always be exceptions and deviations from the norm that this program can’t account for.

Regardless, it would be imprudent to miss this very unique product. On top of having credible information, the way that it is presented by Michael leads to a very entertaining “read.” You’ll experience hurtful truths and funny realities with the whole plethora of delightful feelings in between. Even if you don’t get to apply any lessons mentioned within this program toward improving your relationship, you’ll at least have a great time going through the material.

Our Product Verdict: Absolutely Buy Secret Survey

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